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The Physics Department of UFMG is a research-oriented educational institution in Brazil. Its graduation program in Physics and Astronomy is ranked among the best in Brazil by CAPES, the national agency for graduation of the Brazilian Ministry of Education.
The Department presents intense activity in the field of nanoscience, both experimental and theoretical. In the Department there are 34 experimental researchers and 10 theoretical ones working in the field. Including the technicians and students there are around 120 people working with nanoscience and nanotechnology in the department.
The main activities and areas of interest include new semiconductor materials and devices, polymers, carbon based nanomaterials, composites, nanostructured devices and sensors.

The Physics Department of UFMG has a very strong experimental infrastructure. The facilities include labs for synthesis of nanomaterials, clean rooms, Molecular Beam Epitaxy, X-ray Crystallography, laser writing lithography, e-beam lithography, diverse labs for optical and electronic measurements on materials and devices, Microprobe, Electronic microscopes, Scan Probe microscopes, surface physics labs.

Person involved in EULASUR: Wagner Rodrigues