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The "Hamburger Synchrotronstrahlungslabor HASYLAB" is part of DESY and is dedicated to photon science with soft and hard X-rays. It builds and operates sophisticated beamlines at the storage rings DORIS III and PETRA III and at the free electron laser FLASH. At present 37 beamlincs are in operation and about 14 are under design or construction. The instrumentation covers a wide range of experimental techniques from imaging over spectroscopy to diffraction and scattering. Research is carried out in the fields of physics, chemistry, earth science, biology, medicine, and materials science. Each year bout 2400 external users perform experiments at the various instruments which leads to more than 500 peer reviewed publications per year. PETRA III is going to be the most brilliant storage ring based synchrotron radiation light source in the world. The free electron laser FLASH is in user operation and provides ultrashort intense light pulses in the soft X-ray range for about 200 scientist per year. FLASH is the precursor for the large European X-FEL which is hosted at the DESY campus. Its construction has started in early 2009 and is proceeding well.


Person involved in EULASUR:
Dr. Rainer Gehrke, Tel./Fax. +49-40-8998-3914, email