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The Centro de Investigaciones Ópticas (CIOp) is located at La Plata, Argentina and is funded by CONICET and CIC (Comisión de Investigaciones Científicas de la Provincia de Buenos Aires). It is a 30 year old Institute devoted to scientific and technological research in the area of Photonics, Optics and Light Technologies.

The objectives of CIOp are to:



a)Conduct scientific and technological research in the area of Photonics, Optics, Lasers and Light Technologies.

b)Advise public and private Offices and Bureaus, contributing to the transfer of knowledge, techniques and methods in the area of Optics and Lasers.

c)Publish its results in international journals and congresses.

d)Contribute to the formation teachers, university graduates and technicians in Optics.

e)Establish cooperative relations with national and foreign institutions to enhance scientific and technological programs.



The main achievements of CIOp in its first 30 years are:



i.Over 700 refereed publications in international journals together with more than 350 national and international congress presentations.

ii.37candidates have received their Ph.D. degree in Physics or Engineering at this Centre whilst > 40 students made their Final Project in the same disciplines. Over 75 fellowship-holders from national and foreign universities passed through the laboratories.

iii.CIOp has regularly organized and lectured 35 postgraduate courses contributing to the formation of ~ 1000 participants.

iv.> 135 foreign scientific researchers visited the Centre and have participated in the organization of several international and local scientific meetings.

v.Over 30 scientific cooperation agreements were signed with universities and research centers worldwide.