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Center for Applied ICT
Howitzvej 60,
DK 2000 Frederiksberg

Center for Applied Information and Communication Technology (CAICT)

Center for Applied ICT (CAICT) focuses on technology and the use of technology. CAICT wishes to explore the middle ground with continued and mutual beneficial affiliation between the centre and business through partnering based on social dialogues. It is a multi-disciplinary centre that embraces theories and methods on social, human and business aspects of emergent technologies. CAICT works with design, implementation and impacts of ICT. The research and education is based on public and externally founded activities, where focus is on themes such as Business IT, Digital Customs Systems, Business Models for Mobile Services, Digital Government, e-Participation, e-Health, Human Computer Interaction, e-Inclusion and ICT Innovation and Entrepreneurship. CAICT wants an extensive collaboration with partners, which is a principal in the mission statement: “co-creating value with ICT through partnerships”. This is realised by a range of national and international partnerships with business, public authorities, universities, unions and NGOs, which has resulted in a project portfolio consisting of both national and internal research projects. CAICT is also involved in variety of business educations at Copenhagen Business School with special focus on B.Sc., M.Sc., MBA and Ph.D. in applied ICT. CAICT is continuously working on developing new innovative master degrees within IT Leadership and Business IT. CAICT’s participation in The EULASUR project is part of the cooperation between the corporate world and scientific research. CAICT wishes, in this partnership, to explore the area of (nano) technologies, entrepreneurship and innovation based on fair globalization with a broad and comprehensive social and human perspective. Center of CAICT consists of 30 academic employees and associated academics that in periods are located at CAICT. CAICT is part of Copenhagen Business School with a staff of 500 researchers and approximately 16.000 students.

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