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Acronym: EULASUR

Full Name
Network in Advanced Materials and Naomaterials of industrial interest between Europe and Latin American Countries of MERCOSUR (Argentina-Brazil-Uruguay)

Start date:

End date:

30 months

Grant Agreement No. / Project Reference No.

The main objective of this Coordination Action is to create a cooperation platform for forming strategic partnerships between scientists, scientific managers, policy makers, technology transfer and industrial experts in the European Community and three Latin-American (LA) countries belonging to MERCOSUR: Brazil, Uruguay and Argentina (BRAU).

About Us

The concept of this project is to focus on developing research links with leading universities, institutes and industrial companies in these three southern LA countries, which are expected to deeply increase their research activities in materials over the next few years. Until now there has been no specific action in material science and technology between the EU and the BRAU countries, and hence EULASUR will be the first action of this kind and will establish the basis for joint participation of partners from EU and BRAU in the future Calls of the NMP Work Programme. In the global framework, the European member states wish to participate with BRAU in certain research areas having common objectives in science and technology as a privileged partner and cooperate with them for the augmentation of the critical mass of academic and industrial researchers as it is being done with other geo-strategic areas (China, India, Korea, etc).

EULASUR will focus on identifying collaborative topics and themes within the specific fields of:

* Advanced functional ceramics and

* Hybrid materials and nano-materials where it is believed that significant opportunities exist for synergistic and mutually beneficial joint research between the two regions.

The core activities of EULASUR are based on some European and BRAU Groups of Excellence already cooperating in one to one basis. The objective of this Coordination Action is to integrate them and create new ones, in order to generate a stable scientific platform of international excellence to collaborate in the development of materials science research in specific topics of interest for both regions.


Network in Advanced Materials and Nanomaterials of industrial interest between Europe and Latin American Countries of MERCOSUR (Argentina-Brazil-Uruguay)